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Hire a Professional Website Developer

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Website Developer

There are so many factors that go into building a website. Professional Website Developers have spent years in college and in the field perfecting their craft (myself included!). They understand the intricacies of code – PHP, HTML, CSS and how to utilize technology in the best way. They do not build websites as a “hobby” and are able to answer your technology questions with ease. They also value continued education and stay on top of the continuous changes in technology.

Here is a quick list of why it is extremely important to hire a professional Website Developer. Don’t learn the hard way – why this one detail is critical to your success.

1. Website Security

All websites are targets for hackers. A professional website developer recognizes this and will configure your website to be secure. Not sure if your site is secure? Request a Website Security Review.

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Your website content will be structured properly for SEO. Page titles and section headers need to be in place for Google to recognize your page as having ‘properly structured content’. Check out some SEO techniques that work.

3. Functionality

Your website needs to function correctly. A professional developer will be sure to have all the working pieces of your website function in harmony. They have the tools to properly test a website in different devices.

4. Usability

An expert in the website development field knows how to create a website that is easy for the site visitor to navigate and use. Simple things – like a consistent and clear navigation menu can make all the difference in your sites usability.

5. Development Time

The website development time will be less and so will your stress level. You will be able to focus on your business rather than trying to figure out website development.

6. Responsiveness

A professional developer will add the code required to make the website fully responsive (compatible with all browser, tablets and phones). Google ranks pages higher when they are responsive.

7. Browser Compatibility

All browsers are not created equal. Experience is crucial to knowing the quirks and tricks needed to have your website look and behave the same in all browsers.

8. Design

You are guaranteed a professional looking website. Your website is a reflection of you and your business. Having a website that looks modern and on trend will represent you in your best light.

9. Technology

Professionals and experts in the website development field stay on top of the ever changing web technology. This is extremely important to ensuring your website continues to work as intended.

10. Support

Having a Webmaster is beneficial for many reasons. Websites need continuous software updates. Last minute functional and design changes are not a problem for a professional developer. Having the expertise to fix code when it breaks is critical to keep your website online and working properly. See my Webmaster Service Plans.

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