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Website Development

All websites and web development projects are unique since they come with a different set of requirements. I always provide a detailed proposal to clients for each project, along with my availability and proposed timeline for completion. The project cost is determined by the number of pages & features needed.

I offer a variety of services related to website development: from eCommerce to SEO (search engine optimization) to website repair and maintenance. See my list of services for options that will enhance your website, increase your site traffic and ultimately improve your business.

Submit a website development survey now to receive a proposal within 24 hours.

Webmaster Service Plans

Did you know that websites require maintenance to stay secure? Regular software updates and malware scans are necessary to ensure you won’t fall victim to hackers and your website stays online in perfect working condition.

Below are the Webmaster Service Plans I offer for my clients. If I didn’t build your website – you can still hire me as your webmaster. I charge a small fee to conduct an overview of the current condition of your site and provide a detailed report of my findings. Buy a Website Security Review to get started.

Terms & Conditions

* You may cancel at anytime.
* Webmaster plan payments are non refundable.
* Plan pricing is for webmaster service of one WordPress website.
* Purchases between the 1st – 15th apply to the current month.
* Purchases between the 16th – 31st apply to the next month.
* After initial payment, monthly or quarterly billing is automatic.
* Development time must be used within the same month. Does not apply for quarterly payments.
* In order to have optimal support provided, no additional Administrators are permitted in the website.

Quarterly Payment Perks

Pricing for 3 months of webmaster service.

Bronze – $187

* Save 10%

Silver – $297

Gold – $387

* Development time for the entire 3 months can be used at anytime. (within 1st month, etc.)

WordPress Installation

Do you want assistance getting started with WordPress? The foundation of a good website is the platform. WordPress is a powerful CMS (content management system), but needs to be set up correctly from the start. This is to ensure a secure and problem free website.

I have been writing code and building websites since 2004 and have been working with WordPress since 2007. You can be sure that I will set up the foundation to your website in the best way possible. I offer three options for WordPress Installation.

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