Just a few of the projects I’ve worked on recently.

Whispers from the Soul Retreats
Wanderlust Entrepreneur
Thrive Insurance Marketing
Hawaii Retreat Experiences
Caribbean Happiness Retreat
Cannon + Majcher
American Legacy Solutions
Awesome Coaching
My Custom Candy
Healing Through Horses
Kachin Sushi Bar
Femme Vitale Retreats
Holiday Fit Camp
Conscious Leadership Mastermind
Soulful Life Design
Chilis In Paradise
CranioWorks Retreats
Carole Thomassy
A Passionate Dream Life
Hawks Renovations
Hawaii Bodyworkers
Dive Deep Into Love
Return 2 Love Journeys
Heather Thomas
Paths of Purpose
2 Kat Studios Retreats
Lacey Entertainment
Inspired Exploration
Quest Retreats
Ilisa Millermoon
Organic Bronze Bar
Conscious Pioneer
Andreopoulos Law
Leepa-Rattner Museum
Integrative Pain Relief
Sacred Roots Retreats
Quick Chick Kitchen
A Passionate Dream Life - Bali Interest
Kathy Knowles - Opt-In