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WordPress Installation

Do you want assistance getting started with WordPress? The foundation of a good website is the platform. WordPress is a powerful CMS (content management system), but needs to be set up correctly from the start. This is to ensure a secure and problem free website.

I have been writing code and building websites since 2004 and have been working with WordPress since 2007. You can be sure that I will set up the foundation to your website in the best way possible. I offer three options for WordPress Installation.

Before I met Theresa, I was desperately trying to create a website from scratch. I was frustrated and spending far too many hours on the process when my time would be better spent on my business.

I have enjoyed working with Theresa immensely! Communicating with her is a breeze! She is so responsive to my emails and listens carefully to my ideas. Her work is beautiful and I now have a website I am proud of!

Linda Beach

Connecting with Theresa was absolutely the best thing that could have happened as I begin to build my business. She is able to do things in a fraction of the time I am, and they are done correctly. She is able to fix my screw-ups and gives me very good directions on how to do things myself. She is encouraging and willing to do whatever it takes to produce an excellent product.

George Davis

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