Theresa Kibler

Website Developer ~ Animal Lover ~ Starbucks Enthusiast

A little bit about me…

I’ve always been fascinated with technology and interested in all things code-related. I began working in an accounting office when I was 18 years old and quickly realized that pushing paper was not for me. Although, I did gain some valuable experience in the eight years I worked there. It ended up being my introduction to the tech world.

Once management noticed my technology focused brain – I was given the opportunity to be ‘tech support’ for the office of 60 + employees. I was responsible for running daily reports on our dot matrix printers, which were connected to AS400 computer terminals. I also handled installing software on pc’s and setting up hardware. It was only about a year until I was able to run the show efficiently by myself. My reward was additional responsibility: inventory, ordering and human resources work.

I knew I wanted to pursue a different path for my career and learn a lot more about technology. I started studying computer programming in 1999 and have been building websites professionally since 2004.

Formal Education

  • Bachelor of Science Degree – Information Technology, focus on Web Application Development
  • Associate in Science Degree – Computer Programming and Analysis

Continuing Education

Website Development is an ever-changing and evolving field. It is critical to stay informed and be aware of impending changes that can affect my clients websites. I subscribe to several industry specific blogs that provide valuable information related to website security, Search Engine Optimization techniques, software changes, etc.